This Vashikaran Mantra Can Win Over Your Lover To Come Back

Vashikaran mantra

Vashikaran mantra – Vashikaran is one of the stereotypical measures as per Hindu mythology to cast a spell over someone.

Once the Vashikaran mantra is successfully installed upon the targeted individual, you can subtly persuade him to do anything for you. It is however not as simple as it seems as there are myriad professionals who have devoted a lion’s share of their lives to learn about Vashikaran. But what’s impossible with unflinching determination?

One should not forget while incorporating a Vashikaran mantra on someone that the complete success of the same is not guaranteed. After all it is the all mighty who draws line in the sand. He is the supreme authority to decide all the right or wrongs so if your attempt is spiteful, rest assured that he already has an inkling of it.

Having said that, here goes the most powerful Vashikaran mantra from the ancient times:

Sit cross legged in a calm ambience and be mentally prepared to chant the below mentioned mantra. Here you go,

“Om namohkalakalua, kaaliraat


kalakalua, ghaatbaat




mohini yogini chal, raajkithaau

(Name of the concerned person) ke tan me chatpatilagaao

jiya le tod, jo koi elaichihamarikhave


gharkotaje, baaharkotaje


tochhaatiphaatturant mar jaai

satyanaamadesh guru ka

meri bhakti guru kishakti

phuro mantra ishwarovacha”

Take a cardamom and energize the same with the mantra as you chant it for straight seven times. Make sure to feed the cardamom seeds as you pass it on into his/her food. He or she will be in love with you without much delay.

You can germinate true love for you in someone’s heart through this Vashikaran mantra. This is not completely infallible but is effective to a certain extent. Just that, your intension has to be pure.

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