What Is The Significance Behind Ganesh Chaturthi Being Observed In India?

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival observed in India to ring-in lord Ganesha’s birthday. The elephant-headed God who is looked up to for prosperity is the offspring of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As much as being the endower of prosperity, he is believed to expose you to divine wisdom. As per the diktats of Hindu mythology, one must offer his prayers to Lord Ganesha before worshipping another God. He is staunchly called Ganapati or Vinayaka in India and his birthday is celebrated in complete pomp and grandeur for four consecutive days all over India.

We will here under discuss about the fundamental reason why celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi has rose to such a greater proportion in India.

What is the story behind lord Ganesha’s birth and why we pay tribute to him with heartfelt devotion on those days?

Goddess Parvati, in her pursuit to have an ideal son, built Ganesha out of the mud from her body. She brought him to life and asked him to stand guard while she took bath. Meanwhile, Lord Shiva, master of the house returns from his daily stroll across mount Kailash and becomes held back from entering his own house by Lord Ganesha who was standing guard there. In a bout of anger, Lord Shiva severed the head of lord Ganesha which left Parvati spasmodically mournful. She begged for her son’s life which pacified the enraged Shiva who sent his aides to find out a head of any person they see who is facing the North. They found an elephant sleeping in the likely position so they severed its head and presented it to Lord Shiva. The Lord then fixed the Elephant’s head on the child’s body and brought him back to life.

In another version of his birth story, it is believed that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together sought for a boy who would admonish the demons from spreading violence across heaven. The gods united their power and created Lord Ganesha hence. He assumed life as the Vighnakaarta (obstacle-creator) for the demons and Vighnaharta (obstacle-eradicator) for his devotees.

So, it can be said that Ganesh Chaturthi – Lord Ganesha’s birthday is worth all the excitement and enthusiasm by his followers. One who offers his devotion to the lord with a clean conscience, will never fall victim to bad luck in his life.

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