Know The Places Where Goddess Lakshmi Resides !

places where Lakshmiji resides

Places where Lakshmiji resides – The harbinger of peace and prosperity in one’s life, Goddess Lakshmi is also the divine consort of Lord Vishnu.

She has carved her niche as one of the popular deities of Hinduism because of her benevolence on the humankind. She bids fare to be a widely worshipped goddess whose blessings insure you for lifelong financial stability.

Goddess Lakshmi is believed to install herself in a few places and distances herself from some other few.

Places where Lakshmiji resides –

Know about the Places where Lakshmiji resides :

  • Lotus flower: Lotus flower has deep spiritual significance in Hindu mythology. If one follows the pictures, Goddess Lakshmi is seen sitting on a Pink Lotus. Hence, she is fondly called Padmini, Padmapriye et al. The Lotus has a divine connection because of her and hence it is quintessentially used in her Puja.
  • Bilva Patra: Bilva Patra is passed on as a necessity in Shiv puja. The reverse side of the Bilva Patra is graced by the presence of Goddess Lakshmi. Besides, Bilva leaves have great curative properties.
  • Forehead of elephants: On either side of the elephant’s forehead, there are two raised parts that could hoist horns. In the middle of these Gaja Kumbhams, in another lump, Lakshmi is believed to reside. It is always sacred to see an elephant because that equals with seeing Lakshmiji herself.
  • The back of a cow: Hindu people worship the cow as being instructed by the scriptures. It is a holy practice where they smear turmeric and vermillion at the back of the cow and worship it. Judging by the popular belief, Goddess Lakshmi resides at the back of the cow.
  • The fingertips of humans: Goddess Lakshmi resides at the fingertips of a person. Of course, her level of approbation depends on how skilled you are. One must stretch the palms before the face and steal a glance of Lakshmi ji as one wakes up in the morning. This prompts her to confer her blessings that no material on earth can quantify.

Now that you know the places Lakshmiji resides, you can appease her for lifelong happiness, prosperity and financial security.

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