What Are The Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Gemstone Emerald / Panna?


Emerald-Panna is one of the most sought after gemstones for its bright colour.

It is accountable for harnessing the positive energy of Mercury inside itself. Name of the three ace gemstones in the realm of planetary therapy are taken in the same breath such as Rubies, Sapphires and emeralds. Emerald is, as already stated above imbued with the talisman of Mercury which Vedic astrology swears by. It is said that if Mercury is rightly placed in your zodiac, you can conquer the world.

People born in May have emerald as their birth stone.

We will here under discuss about the astrological benefits of Emerald-Panna which we staunchly know as Panna:

What are the zodiacal benefits of wearing the gemstone Emerald-Panna?

  • Emerald provides intellectual capacity being inflicted with planet Mercury which brings in better understanding of life, balance in your perspective and a wider grip in the challenging subjects.
  • One who makes a living from art can wear Emerald for seeing a spurt in the aesthetic promise, creativity and linguistic skills.
  • Emerald works to enhance your communication skills. If there is anomaly in your oratory, you can definitely resort to wearing Emerald.
  • People who are speech difficulties are magically cured by wearing the gemstone Panna. Furthermore, the medical astrology recommends it for curing respiratory troubles, allergies and other nervous disorders.
  • Mercury is the best for begetting fame and fortune. The wearer is sure to experience a Mercurial rise in life.

Emerald-Panna should be worn on Wednesday morning between 5am to 7pm, preferably during Shukla Paksha days. One should embed the gemstone in gold but if you can’t afford Gold, you can definitely go for five metals or Panch Dhatu.

All said and done, you should visit an expert before wearing the gemstone for knowing its authenticity, wearing doctrines and activation of it before wearing.

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