What Is The Role Of Mars In Your Marital Life?

Mars in your marital life

Mars in your marital life – Mars is known to be defiant, imbued with confidence and vitalized with masculine energy.

If there is a dovetail of these three things in your life, you are unlikely to face any daunting obstacles in the long haul. All the planets of the zodiac influences your married life, that is to say, Venus bounds the couples together, Mars ushers then into the energy, passion and intention to spend the life together. Plus, Mars turns all the positive energies towards you to make sure you put up with all the hardships in the relationship and yet go strong.

In this particular period of time, we are living on the edge and always in the lookout for something better. This hedonistic fervour is but a ruinous drive for our relationships. Besides, there are concerns about the career, financial security, coping up with the work-family life rope walk, raising children etcetera. We have to slay a lot of mental demons to commit nowadays. Mars is the planet which is the healer of relationships whose effects perfect for today’s situation.

Find out below how Mars helps establish a successful married life:

The positivity-borne planet Mars is symbolic of wealth, prosperity and good lifestyle. If you are under the benevolence of Mars, you are likely to look younger than your age. Furthermore, it inundates you with energy, professional skills, determination what not. If your Mars is afflicted with negativity, there is nothing that can save your married from falling in shambles.

Read here below what Mars’s position means in your birth chart:

  • If your Mars is posited in the 7th house, you are likely to be faced with myriad adversities and become impatient.
  • If your Mars is in a communion with Rahu and Ketu, you will probably become abrasive, illogical and destructive.
  • Mars being in communion with Sun creates an unsettled mind.
  • Mars in communion with Venus will raise conflicts between the couples.

These are the consequences of Mars in your marital life – There are many ways by which you can turn an adverse Mars in your kundli and save your marriage from the brink of separation. You are urged to visit an well-erudite astrologer to suggest you into the process.


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