How To Avert Divorce Through Astrology?

Divorce through astrology

Divorce through astrology – Husband and wife share an eternal bond of two souls that come together as one after they meet through a social institution called marriage.

As the famous saying goes, marriages are made in heaven, they are destined to meet in the mortal world.

The marriage too is likely to prosper if the small conflicts don’t beef up to choke the marriage on their malefic fallouts. Sometimes it’s the nosey family members; sometimes it’s an extramarital affair, sometimes financial upheavals that take the marriage prey. In such a daunting situation, it becomes dilemmatic whether or not to let go. Most people will zero on letting go while a handful few will try bridging the differences and give it a second shot.

How astrology helps you save your dreary marriage:

Well, all you patient lovers, astrology has varied remedies for you to keep your marriage off the chopping block. Read on below to find out:

You can increase sweetness in your behavior through chanting the under mentioned mantra. This mantra purifies your inner psyche so that you re-introduce the sweet nothings in your marriage.

“Mangal Sudha Ripu Karahi Milayi

Gopada Sindhu Anal Sitlai”

Chant this mantra for at least eleven times a Japamala everyday preferably sitting upon a woolen blanket or a peacefully warm place that is to say.

The infallible astrological remedy for saving your marriage:

Take a square shaped wooden box and install a red satin cloth folded four times upon it. Keep a Photo of Goddess Parvati and light an oil lamp before it. You may also offer 108  Green lentils to the goddess for invoking her virtue. Make sure the lamp is posited in the right hand side and the bowl full of lentils sits on the left side. Also, it is customary to be Sukla Paksha and Friday when you perform this Puja. The place where you perform the puja should be peaceful and purified with the liberal application of Gangajal. Chant the under mentioned mantra while you perform this puja:

“dhaan dheen dhoon dhoorjate patnee vaan veen voon vaagadheeshvaree

kraan kreen kroon kaalika devi shaan sheen shoon me shubhan kuru:

After offering the green lentils to the goddess, feed it to the birds. Perform this remedy for a consecutive twenty one days and you will start experiencing a positive change in the marital life.

The above are the few well sought after astrological remedies for saving a broken marriage.

This way one can avert divorce through astrology – But as the fundamental requirements for every relationship are love and faith, try to trust your spouse and value each other’s ideologies.

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