What Are The Suggestive Signs In Your Kundali That Indicate A Job Change?

Signs in Kundali that Indicate a job change

Signs in Kundali that Indicate a job change – Changing jobs is synonymous to exploring new things for the urban youth.

They always have a career goal set and keep pushing their boundaries to achieve that before they are 40.

It is a paradigm shift of attitude from the previous generation who found happiness in whatever they were given, even dealt with their predicaments as if they deserved those. But there is a different scenario today as the young guns are always vying for more success and always pounding the pavement. The requisite hard work with some luck thrown in makes them switch jobs like a cakewalk.

We will hereby analyse the catalysing factors in your zodiac at play behind your luck in changing jobs.

What are the Signs in Kundali that Indicate a job change?

The houses that are responsible for building your professional preference are 2nd, 6th and 10th.

Among these, the strong 10th house symbolizes our heightened will power to prosper in the career. The 6th house is the repository of our working habits and preference for careers. Besides, it also tells us how resilient we can become at the time of hardships. The 2nd house denotes our love for upping the ante in the paycheques.

With the above things in mind, here are the predictive codes in your kundli for a job change:

  • When the lord of your 1st house is posited on the 10th, you will start pitching for a job change.
  • When the lords of the 10th and 6th house create a dovetail in your 1st house, you may also start contemplating a new job.
  • When the lords of 10th and 6th house are in a conjunction, square or opposition with the Saturn, you will surely change your job.
  • When the lords of the 10th and 6th house changes signs in secondary progression or directions, job change occurs.
  • When the second Moon enters to replace the lords of the 10th or 6th houses respectively in your zodiac, it suggests job change.
  • When the Second Moon is in exact aspect with 10th and 6th house cusp, chances of job change are visible in your kundli.
  • The positioning of Jupiter on the 10th or 6th house also boosts the chances of a job change in your kundli.
  • Especially, when Jupiter becomes the strong supporting aspect with the 10th and 6th house rules, it creates the infallible chance to switch jobs.
  • When the Lord of 6th house enters the 10th house, it creates a possibility of job change.
  • Similarly, when the Lord of 10th house enters the 6th, it creates the same situation as above.
  • When the directive Sun sits on the first or last degree of a sign, he is set for a job change.

These are the Signs in Kundali that Indicate a job change – Above are the full proof astrological indications that you may change your job real soon. You are still required to visit an erudite astrologer who can give you more insights in the same matter.

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