Vaastu tips for new house building


Vastu is a leaf from the archaic Indian civilization which the modern architects swear by now. It is meant to attract the neutral positive vibes that surround to ensure prosperity in the long haul. Consulting vaastu at the time of constructing your house also restores your mental peace as you live there. There are some specified rules to adhere to for building a house.



Read on below to know about the magical rules that bring optimal luck:

  • Digging a well in the north-east corner of you house and using the ground water to construct your house is a good luck charm. Likewise a well in the southwest corner can turn things in the reverse.


  • A lot of open space around the building and the surrounding of your house make the environment breathable and pleasant. The bigger open space however should be in the sun’s rising direction, in the east. Don’t keep an open space in the western corner and make sure both the north-western and south-eastern open spaces are equal in measure.


  • There is a common myth doing round. That is building a house under the shadow of a tree is unlucky. Vaastu however, throws no affirmative light in the same. Planting trees in the nukes and corners of your house ensure a healthy living thus a healthy mind.


  • Building the house in the south-west direction is also recommended by vaastu. Besides bringing prosperity, it ensures there are no disputes and financial crisis in the family.


  • In order to evoke all positive energies you should keep a vaastu puja in your house. However, vaastu puja varies from the template concept of religious rituals. This is more of science.


  • Build the house in a manner that the southern portion is either larger or higher than the northern portion. Both of these directions are magnet to positive energy.


  • DON’T keep a door in the south west part of your house. Doors should ONLY face north or east and should open inside. This means you are inviting good energy and the otherwise means you’re letting them go.


  • During the course of digging foundation, you should start from the east, then go to north, west and southwest respectively.
  • In like manner, while laying the tiles, start from the south west then go to south, west, east and north respectively.


  • Connect the electronic gadgets in your kitchen to the southern wall. This side is the best for the element of fire.


  • Last but not the least; toilet is a very vital factor in vaastu. It has a deep bearing on the aesthetic and health angle. These are meant to be located in the north western corner of the rooms. It is allright if it faces the south-east direction. The toilet, kitchen and worship room should not be placed end-to-end.
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