Horoscope Analysis Of Sridevi, The August Baby !

Prediction for Sridevi

Prediction for Sridevi – We have seen her set the screen ablaze by dancing like thunderbolt in the 70s with Jeetendra in tow.

While the roles like Nehlata (Sadma), Benazir (Khuda Gawah), Seema (Mr.India) that she substantiated are still fresh in our memory, bang she made a roaring comeback with the character of Sashi in English Vinglish. Drawing reference form Salman Khan’s dialogue in Sultan “Maine Pehelwani chhori hai, ladna nahi bhula”, we would say that the seasoned actor in her sparked the same magic in screen after such a significant passage of time.

Her recent release Mom, stands a testimony to her bottomless talent and we are over the moon to have our dearest Sri back.

Here we will analyse the horoscope of the downright diva, the tigress of a woman Sridevi and find out what future holds for her. Read on below:

Prediction for Sridevi – What astrologers have to say about the future of Sridevi?

Take a brief look on her natal details below before we go further,

Name: Sridevi

DOB: 13/08/1963

Time of birth: 5:30

Place of birth: Chennai

Astrological Prediction for Sridevi –

Sridevi is currently treading through the Saturn Mahadasha and Antardasha and the most beneficial planet at this moment is Jupiter in her kundli. From September 2017, Jupiter will be transiting through the 4th house in her kundli prompting her to take career seriously once again. She will gain good support from both her family and friends in the due course. Sridevi is expected to foray into more experimental roles near future whose success will feed fat her financial status too. As soon as the malefic Rahu takes over the natal Rahu in her kundli, the malefic Ketu will start transiting over natal Saturn too. This hints at some forthcoming challenges in her personal life as some close ones distance themselves from her seeing her career graph notching up rapidly. During the second half on 2017, there will be affliction in her 1st, 6th and 7th houses which will call for more energy from her end to make the career prosper. She needs to take care of both her physical and mental health at this period. She will earn a good riddance from all the health issues in 2018 whatsoever.

This is prediction for Sridevi – Horoscope or no horoscope, we already foresee a great future ahead for her looking at her back to back effortless performances. Here’s keeping fingers crossed to see more of such off-the-beaten-track performances from her soon.

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