What is The Significance of Matching Horoscope in Marriage

Marriage kundali

Marriages break and marriages prosper depending on love and the lack of it. Our tradition however has an unapologetic soft corner for comparing gunas of the prospective bride and groom. In today’s date and time when people have grown out of the traditional plane, some are still holding onto it for mental satisfaction. Well, it is hypothetical to say that matching kundalis barely affect your marriage, more because astrology is a science than just tradition today. It thrives on a mathematical approach to match kundalis and gunas.


More insights into Kundalis and Gunas:

Astrology depends on science. Kundalis and Gunas are just the parts of that scientific astrology. Judging by the concerned person’s birth time and birth place their inclinations, future prosperity, health, career is predicted. That aside, the gravitational forces of the stars also seem to have deep bearing in one’s life. Matching kundalis are nothing but treading on ‘Probability’. It depends on people if they want or don’t want to believe it as probability is not drawing line in the sand. Besides, there is also the effect of Karma at play. So precisely, matching kundalis is taking precautions .

The single ray of hope:

Some are of the opinion that the celestial configuration doesn’t define the dynamics of a relationship. Perhaps rightly so because not all horoscopically-matched couples are happily married or the opposite lot is unhappy in a marriage. Some may also argue that astrologers consider Pluto a planet whereas it is dead now. So by no means an astrologer can predict the fate of a marriage. Neither can astrology claim to be a science in this regard as its parameters are bungled. However, the elders are more informed and know-it-alls than us. If they suggest in favor of it so giving a try won’t harm.

Moreover, the stars keep changing their positions so nothing is predestined. But Astrology is not completely unreliable. Matching the kundali properly is very demanding and mind-numbing. It takes an astute and erudite astrologer to throw light in the best precausive measures.


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