Map The Faithfulness Of Your Lover Through Astrology

faithfulness of your lover

Faithfulness of your lover – It is an emotionally draining experience when the occupant of your heart turns out to be a fraudulent person.

A person can’t figure out a real love from a warp when the other sex is visually appealing to no end. It is human to fall for the face first then heart. Time and again, you seem like a person possessed when you are in a wrong communion.

Love is like a gamble and no one can guarantee staving off the rigmaroles or chances of heartbreak. Love is imbued with heartbreaks that teach us lessons for life like Benjamin Franklin once said “ Those things that hurt, instruct”.

There are still ways you can avert heartbreak or at least have an inkling of it beforehand. We are talking about the astrological way whereby the zodiac signs are brought under the scanner and judged on the merit of their characteristic traits.

Find out below faithfulness of your lover:


Expecting loyalty from an Aries comes with great deal of disappointments. Their adventurous and ambitious nature never satisfies them with one person throughout the life.


When in a relationship with a Taurus, rest assured that he will oppose his family tooth and nail if they don’t approve of you. They are stubborn by nature which reflects in their attitude towards the love life.


Gemini people can maintain double standards. At one hand they will pretend to love you and cheat on you on the other hand. They are a difficult ball game altogether.


Cancerians are the most committed lot in the zodiac and can’t forgive cheaters. So, if you are contemplating a serious relationship, date a cancerian without a hitch in mind.


It is imperative that you match their wavelength and you will be the happiest person in the relationship. Leos are caring and generous people who make sure that their partners feel secured.


Virgos are unapologetic attention seekers and want to be the priority of their lovers. Given the coveted attention, Virgos make the most loving partners. They may also detach themselves on the minutest discrepancy form the lover.


Librans are the most forbearing partners who also make great friends. They will never cheat in a relationship and give the lover the deserved attention.


Scorpios wear loyalty as a badge of pride. They are the extreme lovers who will love you to the saturation point. But if the energy fades from the relationship as the partner cheats, they can switch their attention instantaneously and turn diabolically nonchalant. Come hell or high water, they will be possessive always.


They are unpredictable in a relationship. Also, loyalty is something that doesn’t come to them easily.


Capricorns are loyal partners and keep trying to fix the odds in a relationship until they succeed.


They reflect the same behaviour you subject them to in a relationship.


Pisceans are the true lovers and pretty insightful people. They are sensitive and overtly emotional. They will not cheat on you for love but for difference as they are easily bored. But in general cases, Pisceans are committed lovers.

Faithfulness of your lover – Above are the tried and tested zodiacal measures to understand the faithful angle in your lover’s  character.

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