What is Veedhi Shoola Sashtra And What Are Its Remedies?

Veedhi Shoola

Veedhi Shoola Sashtra or T-point house is a dispute in a property according to Vastu Sashtra.

Among the myriad other nuances of the Vastu rulebook, this is a significant one.

A road that ends which ends at the house plays a pivotal role in determining the Vastu. Such a house or a plot with a road running at the face of it is deemed inauspicious by the Vastu specialists. The plot is known as T point plot and veedhi refers to the road whereas shoola means spear, so precisely it means spearing road. Since our minds are conditioned for the fact that a good Vastu brings prosperity in our house, one must consider the fact before buying a property.

Why Vastu doesn’t approve of a T-point property:

Vastu completely recommends avoiding a property where a road runs at the face of it. To tell you, Vastu specialists think that such houses do not prosper long and adapt the wear and tear of time soon. Worse, it may even reduce to dust in the wake of an earthquake. The road that runs straight at the face of the house is understood as an obstruction because it resembles a spear which is thought to bring obstructions for the inhabitants. Besides, it invites bad energies from all directions barring the Northers East East and Northern East North which are average. Other Veedhi Shoolas are so detrimental that they may even create defects in the house in a short span.

The quick-fix answers to Veedhi Shoola:

  • You are requested to put big plants at the entrance of the house to curb the malefic effects of Veedhi Shoola
  • You could also raise the boundary wall some more to stop the negative energies from gushing in.
  • Try putting a convex Pakua mirror at the entrance of the house facing the road.
  • Putting a halogen light facing the road is also recommended.

Above are the immediate remedies of Veedhi Shoola but if you want more insightful treatment, you are asked to visit a professional Vastu specialist.

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