What Are The Astrological Remedies For Alcohol Addiction?

Astrological remedies for alcohol addiction

Astrological remedies for alcohol addiction – Does it make your heart thump every time your husband totter his way home every evening reeking of alcohol?

You need to get your head around the fact that he must have started it to compete which eventually transformed into an addiction for him. We are aware of the fact that it is as much a catastrophic phase to the family members as to him.

One needs to magnify the reason behind his obeisance to liquor but behaving compassionately towards him in the due course is also an imperative. We are aware of the miseries that weigh you on while he refuses to return to normalcy.

So here under laid are some Astrological remedies for alcohol addiction that could help him snap ties with alcohol.

Astrological remedies for alcohol addiction –

The Astrological remedies for alcohol addiction :

Many fraudulent people around you want to capitalise on your miseries in the name of treatment.

All they do is to wring you dry of your money with no positive results to be seen. You can treat your husband’s obsession over alcohol through the below said astrological measures by sitting at home only.

A person is likely to start drinking if his Saturn is weak. His obsession for alcohol also stems from the positioning of malefic planets in the 2nd, 11th and the 12th house respectively. Mostly, when there is the presence of Saturn or Rahu in the 12th house of your Kundali or Mars sitting in the 11th house, you are animatedly attracted to people who introduce you to addiction. Astrologically, you are urged to take your last peg on Saturday and refrain from drinking during Sundays. This should weaken the effect of the Strong Saturn in 12th house. But then, you need a strong will power to pursue the refrainance. Moon, on the other hand can also play the antidote to Saturn. One needs to take his last peg before the full Moon day and refrain from it for the consecutive two days. The addiction hence becomes weaker with days on end.

These are the tried and tested Astrological remedies for alcohol addiction. No matter if you are a concerned wife on an addicted person, the measures have to be taught or adapted right away to give a new spin to your life.

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