What Is The Significance Of The Gemstone Gomed

Benefits of gemstone Gomed

Benefits of gemstone Gomed – The mention of Gomed springs up an image of a honey tinted Calcium Aluminium Silicate that carved a niche in the Hindu scriptures.

The vedic planet ‘Rahu’ is the undisputed ruler of Gomed which is named after the Greek word ‘Hesson’. While ‘Hesson’ means inferior, you may raise an eyebrow and question the benefit of the same. To add to your kind i formation, Gomed is pretty benevolent irrespective of its association with Rahu. Staunchly called the ‘Dragon-head’ in western astrology, Gomed hits the rating of 7-7.5 on the Moh’s parameter of intensity.

The Benefits of gemstone Gomed in a nutshell:

Benefits of gemstone Gomed –

  • If the native is suffering from the Mahadasha of Rahu, then he is suggested wear the Gemstone Gomed by an erudite astrologer to pacify the ill-effects of the said planet. It thereby protects the wearer from all sorts of negative energies too.
  • If the native demands a quick rise from depression, Gomed is the gem stone to turn to. It eradicates the deep rooted anxieties and stabilizes the mental health.
  • Students are suggested to wear Gomed to boost their concentration. One who wears a Gomedis sure to hit the bull’s eye in his studies. Mostly, the older students who double up as researchers, benefit the most from Gomed.
  • Wearing Gomed immunes the wearer from epilepsy, allergies and all sorts of infections in the eyes and sinus. Besides, it cures heart ailments too like a pro.
  • Dhyana (meditation), Artha (money), Dharma (righteous living) and Moksha (salvation) are deemed as the four fruits of life and wearing a Gomed is synonymous to achieving all of them effortlessly.
  • Gomed stabilizes the blood pressure of the wearer and even eradicates the diseases like Cancer.
  • It locks peace, prosperity and bliss in the marital life and also thwarts the chances of divorce or illegitimate relationships.
  • Wearing Gomed builds a protective shield around the wearer against black magic, evil eye and other negativities.
  • Wearing Gomed brushes up your public speaking skills so people belonging to the profession of law and politics are mostly suggested to wear this gemstone.

These are the Benefits of gemstone Gomed – Gomed can be your bona fide for the lifetime if the quality is up to the mark. Besides, it requires recommendation from a learned astrologer to wear. Gomed is a boon for the businessmen who are in the middle of a losing streak and the people who are terminally ill. It is a truly benevolent gem stone although not a visual treat much.

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