Janmashtami 2017: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Krishna Jayanti


Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna.

This significant festival is celebrated throughout the country with great fervor. And this year the festival will be celebrated on 14th of August.

On this day, people offer prayers, bhog and observe fast throughout the day. Bhajans and Kirtans are sung till midnight. Parents dress up their kids as little Sri Krishna and the whole day is filled with fun festivities.

Read on to know more about the customs and rituals of Gokulashtami:


Many devotees also observe fast on this pious day. Some devotees undertake Phallar fasting where one can eat juices, fruits and milk products and other fasting foods and some undertake Nirjal fasting where in one is not allowed to drink even water.

Puja Rituals

Puja ceremony includes Hymns and Bhajans in the name of Lord. The idols of Lord Krishna and Rukmini are placed on swing and Abhishek with the Panchamrit from conch is done and new clothes are offered. The priests offer salutations, flowers and chant holy mantras as they perform the puja.

Bhog, which includes various sweets and savories are prepared and offered for Lord. In some places, Chappan Bhogs (56 food items) are prepared as well.

After the puja, Prasad (Bhog )and Panchamrit, which is prepared from milk, honey, ghee, curd and Tulsi leaves, are distributed among the devotees.

Shubh Muhurat

During Nishita Kal, one can perform puja for Lord Krishna  and this year the Nishita puja time is from 12.03 am to 12.47 am

Dahi Handi Ceremony

During this ceremony, youngsters gather in a group to form human pyramids and indulge Dahi Handi act i.e. breaking the pot filled with buttermilk. The religious significance of same is to shun away of the negativities.

So on this divine day, give your heart and soul through your devotion and perform good deeds and Lord Krishna will be delighted by same and flourish you with health, wealth, and prosperity.

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Happy Janmashtami!


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