Pentacle Tarot cards for bettering your career


The astrological attributes of Pentacle Tarot card

Otherwise called coin or disks, Pentacle Tarot cards have intense bearing on work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. It makes room for manifestation, realization, proof and prosperity in your life. In like manner, on appearing reversed it denotes possessiveness, greed and overly materialistic nature. It rather warns you not to exhaust your money in wasteful manner. It instills better management skills, focus and energy for hard work.

The effect of Pentacle Tarot cards on your life:

Pentacle Tarot cards symbolize the element of Earth that deal with both your conscious and sub-conscious. Hence, your concerns for health, finances, work and creativity come under the radar. Furthermore, Pentacles shape your thoughts about your surroundings and lead you to a perpetual material success. Pentacle Tarot cards also contribute in fuelling your confidence, self-esteem et al.


Tarot card

Tarot card


How car eristic goals are positively affected by Pentacle Tarot cards:

Your clarity of intent manifests meaning to the Tarot and unleashes positivity. As because all your actions are emotion driven, need is to focus upon a single one to inch forward in your career. Thumb-rule is, let your comfort zone take a backseat as you accept new challenges. Unison of your mind with the tarot cards and knowing your deck inside out is suggested for the new users. Later on, you will learn to customize your mind to subscribe to the rulebook of the successful career you are dreaming of. Each card denotes a single goal so place the same in an easy location for better result. Thereafter, spend some time looking at them to influence.


Here under are some examples of cards you need to know thoroughly:

Ace of cups: The drive for inspiration is renewing your emotional connection passionately. The aces define new beginnings and the cups beam with emotion. When embarking upon a new project, you can always consult these cards for recommendation.


Eight of Pentacles: Eights are the linchpins of organization, progression, control and exercise. Caught between lots of works, when you are likely mix up, these cards keep things sorted for you.


Queen of wands: The queen of wands radiates power. This woman leads the group of people called wands who are entrepreneur or craftsmen. She is the symbol of success and she tells you to draw inspiration from your past experiences to influence your future endeavors.


The chariot: Being successful is easy but managing the success in a tougher ball-game. Your untimely success may fill you with conceit but this deck of major arcana card keeps you grounded. It further symbolizes the chances of travel or moving abroad in future.


Knight of swords: Knight of swords prepares you for challenges. It symbolizes a petite and soft-spoken woman which reminds you to be assertive and accentuates your skills to negotiate.


Wheel of fortune: This major Arcana card points at future good luck. Attune your awareness to the universe to enjoy the little gifts.


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