Here’s How Every Zodiac Signs Relationship With Money Is!

relationship with money

How is your relationship with money?

Ever thought about that? No doubt, one thing is sure, that some zodiac signs are good at saving it, whereas others are good at spending it. In which category do you fall? Once again, are you someone who spends A LOT of money and then wonder “where the hell is my money?” Or are you someone who always has money saved in the bank.

C’mon, let’s FIND OUT.

Here’s how your relationship with money is, according to your zodiac sign.

  1. ARIES

You know what; you really need to start saving money. It’s because, due to money you always face problems and that isn’t good, at all. To fight that problem, you need to save money. No matter how irritating that sounds, but during your tough times, it’ll help you. So, get ready and start saving.


You really have a good relationship with money. The thing is, you know how to save money, and I mean lots of money. You are someone who will buy cheap clothes and cheap items, at times expensive as well. But, you know how to save money too. You’re someone who “thinks” before spending money on buying things.


The entire Gemini’s out there, you’re both good and bad with money, just like your two sides. You spend money and then you save it too. At times, you spend a lot and save very little. And at times, you save a lot and spend very little.


Cancerians save money and they do it for loved ones. Yes, they spend on themselves as well e.g. going out with friends on trip, travelling etc, etc. But, most importantly, they do it for loved ones.

  1. LEO

Leo’s are not good at saving money. Leo’s are independent and they don’t need anyone who will tell them to spend or save money. They’re someone who will spend money on expensive items.

They make sure to enjoy and spend money a lot. The thing is, they earn money A LOT and that’s the reason they think that they’ll do it again.

  1. VIRGO

Virgo’s know how to save money and they are really good at it. They make sure that they spend it on the things that are really needed i.e. car, house and some future plans etc.

  1. LIBRA

Liberians spend money and they also make sure to save it to use it in future. So, in short, they know how to balance things. Even while spending, they think whether it is really important to spend this money amount on things or not. Only then they take a step to spend and buy things.


You’re actually lucky with all your work and that’s why you earn. But you’re not good at keeping that money i.e. savings. Others observe the amount of money that you’re getting and that’s why they think you’re very rich. But you spend a lot and that makes you poor.


You save money so that IF you get into any trouble, there will be no need to ask anyone about money. It’s actually a good thing to do. Also, you’re not too much into spending money on things.


Capricorn’s really impress people around them. Yes, you know that you’re someone who loves expensive things but you don’t believe it in buying ‘em just to show off. You save money so that in future you will have something that’ll keep you trouble-free.


You spend money, but not on yourself, but on others. Sometimes, it’s good but you need to understand that spending money on yourself equally matters. You’re balanced with money.


You’re someone who let others keep your money i.e. your loved ones. In short, you’re least interested in handling your financial life. You’re more into spirituality as compared to money.


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