What is Vimshottari dasha and how the astrologers use it for predicting the native’s future

Vimshottari dasha

The Moon at its position at the time of birth of a child determines the Vimshottari Dasha in his Kundali. Calculating a Vimshottari Dasha is very simple and the approach is way more scientific. The verbatim meaning of Vinshottari is hundred and twenty which symbolizes the total year allotted to all the planets holding true with one twenty year’s full life span of human life. As per the astrologers, no matter good or bad, all the planets are neutral during their dasha or antardasha.


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Some valuable insights into Vimshottari Dasha:

There is a promise hidden in the birth chart determined by the planetary positions and associated configurations such as locations, conjunctions, aspects etc. The promise is, however only the first leg, its deliverance depends on the dasha and transit of planets. There are certain attributes such as lordship, placements, aspects and the strength of planets make the promise fructify. The total dashaperiod of a certain planet is separated in different parts and governed by different planets. The major period is known as Mahadasha which is distributed in sub-periods which are on full swing during the Mahadasha. The transit of planets is always at play behind some significant happening in the native’s life. To tell you, the transit of Saturn and Jupiter affects more as they are the most crucial planets in one’s horoscope. They operate the Lord of a particular house to activate it. Sun in transit hints at the month and Moon in transit hints at the day of event and while Saturn approves of it, Jupiter blesses the event. Hence, studying the natal chart requires studying the dashas, antardashas and transit of Saturn and Jupiter.

Read on below to find out the Mahadasha of different planets:


  • When the Sun is placed on the Kendra or eleventh house, it brings comfort, happiness, purity of mind, birth of son, high status in GOVT job etc. Sun is a Lagna. It comes in six years..
  • Moon is also a Lagna. When the Moon is in the Kendra or eleventh house, it means comforts, auspicious events, vehicles, birth of son, blessings of goddess Lakshmi etc. It comes in twelve years.
  • Mars is also favorable for Lagna. It comes in seven years. When Mars is placed in third, sixth, tenth or eleventh house, it means wealth from land, agriculture, good comfort, fortune etc.
  • Mahadasha of Mercury comes in seventeen years. Mercury too is favorable for Lagna. When it is placed on eleventh house it means business, education, honor in sports etc.
  • Mahadasha of Jupiter comes in sixteen years. A well placed Jupiter gives a religious mind. It means birth of good children, charitable, and chances of becoming a minister/teacher/adviser/judge etc.
  • Mahadasha of Saturn comes in nineteen years. It is also favorable for Lagna. When it is placed in the eleventh house, a person is likely to gain success from depressed, downtrodden people besides excelling in agriculture, education, govt. jobs.
  • Mahadasha of Rahu comes in eighteen years. When Rahu or Ketu is placed in third, tenth or eleventh house, it bestows success, wealth, authority, new house to the native.
  • Mahadasha of Ketu comes in seven years. Ketu signifies Moksha. A non-afflicted Ketu in Thisrd, sixth or eleventh house symbolizes pleasures from children, vehicles, pride, happiness from travelling.


Janam Kundli which is also known as birth chart or astrological chart is a cosmic map of the universe at the time of our birth.As per astrology, different planets and their positions at the time of our birth have a great impact on our lives as well.

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