Why We Break Phones, Computers Or Coffee Mugs Unintentionally ! Astrological Analysis

break things

Why we break things – We have a string attached to the material world which is overlooked by Mars, the planet.

We have an inherent animalistic nature that is both vigorous and disparaging and we borrow it from mother Earth. Similarly, the root chakra, which is out interminable source of energy source of energy, is often jeopardized by Mars thereby decelerating our physical strength and diverting our concentration. Root Chakra is responsible for supplying energy to our body and maintaining the blood pressure so that we are always attuned to the wisdom mother Earth bestows upon us with unwavering concentration. There are times when Mars tries to claw down the notching up concentration in pursuit to replace it with fear and frustration.

How exactly does Mars lead us to break things?

In life we all are faced with situations when we lose a long term contact, break something like a phone or a computer that we held dear for long, or even worse, break a bone in the body from falling. Know for sure that you are under the negative spell of planet Mars. This is a clear indication that you are overworked and need a change in life.

Tell you what, when you break a bone in your lower limbs, it is a clear indication that your mind is stressed from the monotony. Either you can break away with it or slither deeper in depression, there is no other way round. A bodily damage is the highest form of warning that it’s time to escape. You can’t pretend to be happy being trapped inside an inferno, after all.

How can you deal with the spiteful effects of Mars?

To flee the clutches of Mars, you should stop feeling nihilistic already. Let things take their course and stop being a control freak. Not onlywill this reflect positively in your mind, it will also help you curb your nihilism. Your friends may have an inkling of your mental condition so pour your heart out and don’t clam up. Last but not the least, close your eyes, take a deep breath and introspect your errors to start things afresh in life.

Remember, this is just a period when you are having brawls with your colleagues, breaking your valuables, blowing a fuse with your boss, being lacerated at by the spouse etc. and periods are meant to pass.

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