What Is The True Meaning Of Your Birthday As Per Astrology?

Meaning of birthday

Meaning of birthday – The planets above are affecting us ritualistically.

You may already know that each of the zodiac sign is governed by different planets but did you know that each of the days in the week has an operative planet too?

So if you are a no-nonsense person or a person with a strong moral fabric, known for your prudish behaviour or borderline obsessed about perfection, your personality is built around the effect of the planet that rules your day or birth. Your character and behaviour are just the reflection of your ruling planet.

Here under laid out is the true meaning of birthday, read on below:


People born on Sunday are considered to be the ruling child of the zodiac list. If you are born in this day, nothing conventional can satisfy you. You will be the one to rock the boat always. Natives born on Sundays are generally creative, noble, proud, self-centred and bold.


They are prone to rapid mood swings. Their ruling planet is Moon which is the repository of home, genetics and family ties. So a native born under this planet will be kind, modest, sensitive and possessive.


Natives born on Tuesday are ruled by Mars which makes them fearsome, brave and sometimes impatient too. They are the prey to daunting challenges and they gradually learn to breeze through.


Mercury is the ruler of natives born on Wednesday that makes them restless and versatile in the same vein. They are always curious and tend to question authorities. They are the best communicators and know how to charm hearts.


Natives born on Thursday are ruled by the planet Jupiter which is the most beneficial planet in the zodiac chart. People born on Thursday will be outgoing, generous and deceptive.


Natives born on Friday are ruled by Venus which is redolent of love, beauty and compassion. People born on Fridays will radiate elegance and will be besotted by everything beautiful.


Natives born on Saturday are ruled by Saturn. They will be modest, steady, focussed. One can dare deny their professionalism and pragmatism.

This is the meaning of birthday -These are the characteristic traits of different people born in different days of the week.

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