What are the Benefits of Navagraha Mantra

Navagraha Mantra

The archaic Navagraha Mantras were the earworms that invoked and pacified the effects of planetary transits.  Since time immemorial, we have seen the elderly people indulge in the righteous Hindu practices of Mantra, Japa and Homa to cleanse the mind for seeking redemption.  Appeased, the God bestows upon us his blessings and benevolence.

Human life is hugely affected by the nine planets and hostile positioning of the same may worsen everything. The great Rishis wrung their knowledge dry into the stotras that help restore positivity of all sorts in your life. The Navagraha Mantras are simple yet strong healing procedure.


Navagraha Mantra


Further insights into Navagraha Mantra:

Chanting Navagraha Stotram is sending message to the god and the planets. By virtue of chanting Navagraha Mantra we can commune with god. The metaphysical cosmos is keeping a constant watch on us setting and upsetting the configuration of life. However, a person with purest of thoughts and a clean psyche leads a peaceful life. Our soul, the fragment of the supreme God’s existence, is caged in the physical body. Rising above the quicksand of the earthly pleasures reunites us with the supreme God. Not to mention, chanting of the Navagraha Mantra is your stair to redemption.

What are the other implications of Navagraha Mantra:

There is no dearth of conspirators around us. No denying that jealousy negatively affects the jealous person the most but you too are the passive victim. Furthermore, some bad lot also resorts to black magic, voodoo, witchcraft to hinder the planetary transits and their positive vibrations on the native. Worse, they can even become more powerful than the planets on a regular practice of black magic. Make Navagraha Stotras a part of your life to raise your consciousness beyond the planets and their effects.

Find out the chants of the various planets below:

Sun: Om Japa Kusuma Sankasam Kashya peyum mahadyuthim

Thamorim sarva papaghanam pranatosmi divakaram

Om Hring Hraung Suryay Namah

Chandra: Om Dadhi sankha thusharabham kshirodarnava sambhavam

Namami sasinam somam shabhormakuda Bhushanam

Om Aing Kling Somay Namah

Mangal: Om Dharani Garbha Sambhootham vidyuthi kanthi samaprabham

Kumaram Sakthi Hastham tham Mangalam Pranamamyaham

Om Hung Shring Bhaumay Namah

Budh: Om Priyangu Kalikashyamam roopena prathimam budham

Soumyam soumyagunopetham tham Budham pranamamyaham

Om Aing Shring Shring Budhay Namah

Guru: Om Devanam cha rishinam cha gurum kanchana sannibham

Budhhibhootham thrilokesham tham namami brihaspatham

 Om Hring Cling hung Brihsptye Namah

Shukra: Om Himakunda mrinalabham dythyanam paramam gurum

Sarava sastha pravaktharam bhargavam pranamamyaham

Om Hring Shring Shukray Namah

Shani: Om Neelanjana samabhasam raviputhram yamagrajam

Chhayya marthanda sambhootham tham namami shanaiswaram

Om Aing Hring Shring Shanaishchray Namah

Rahu: Om Ardha kayam mahaveeryam chandradhithiya vimardanam

Simihika Garbha Sambhootam Tham Rahum Pranamamayaham

Om Aing Hring Rahave Namah

Ketu: Om Palasa Pushpa sankasam tharakagraha masthakam

Roudram roudrathmakam ghoram tham Kethum pranamamyaham

Om Hring Aing Ketave Namah

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