What Is The Significance Of The Gem Stone Pukhraj And Why Should You Wear It?

Gem stone Pukhraj

Gem stone Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is a highly coveted gem stone in terms of both applicability and beauty.

It locks good luck and prosperity in the wearer’s life if worn properly. The button size powerhouse hails from the corundum family and has a tweensy tint of black and an overpowering yellow. It features the same attributes as the Red Ruby and the Blue Sapphire. The idyllic yellow tinge is the combination of orange and golden with a significant amount of iron thrown in.

By and large, the Gem stone Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire is believed to be the most benevolent and auspicious gem stone in view of its association with the planet Jupiter. No prizes for guessing that Sapphire radiates the same munificence as the said planet being a physical extension to it.

Here under is the brief description on why you should wear Gem stone Pukhraj:

  • Gem stone Pukhraj ensures your well-being for life. Yes, you heard it right. This is the epitome of knowledge, wealth and prosperity that enriches all your aspects of life.
  • If you are treading through a pocket-crunch, then Pukhraj is your go-to as it boosts your financial status and helps secure your image. Besides, your professional success is also catalyzed by the same.
  • Some people have obstacles in their marriages. Some marriages also fall in shambles due to ideological clashes. Wearing a Pukhraj not only safeguards your marriage but also helps bring good proposals for unmarried ones.
  • If your heart still aches over the broken romantic relationship, wearing a Pukhraj may help you win your lover back.
  • Gem stone Pukhraj vows to eradicate diseases like Jaundice, fatty liver, throat cancer, Tonsillitis and lung ailments. It also shoos away obesity for life.
  • If you want to attract your detached spouse’s attention then there is no better remedy than wearing a Pukhraj.
  • Gem stone Pukhraj is governed by Jupiter which is the well thought of teacher and the most benevolent amongst the planets. So, if you are into the teaching profession, wearing a Pukhraj may help you achieve your career goals sooner.
  • It is equally beneficial for the creative people and people earn a livelihood from advertising for that matter. To tell you, it improves the communication skills and empowers the creative bent of mind.
  • Students can trust on Pukhraj in blindfolds to enhance their concentration.
  • This is a blessing for the would-be-moms as it improves the overall health and assures the birth of a healthy baby.


Moreover, Gem stone Pukhraj suits everyone as it has no conditional side-effects. However, one must consult an established astrologer to know about the insights.

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