Presenting Holi Dahan’s Most Appropriate Pujan Vidhi – Perform Holi Puja During This Shubh Muhurat  

Holi Dahan Pujan

Holi is the festival of colours. We perceive Holi as the festival of fun and masti. But that’s not enough. Like Dussehra, Holi also celebrates the victory of good over evil. Your Fortune’s sole aim is to hold the mirror of culture and tradition in front of us, and show us that without norms and values, our society has become ill and paralyzed.

Let’s read on to know why Holi celebrates good over evil and what is the right procedure of Holi Dahan, which our Indian society has forgotten to a great extent –


The Pauranik Katha of Holi (The Mythological Tale of Holi)

Hiranya Kashyapu was the hardcore enemy of Lord Vishnu. This person started thinking himself as God. He used to constantly indulge in evil. Everyone in his kingdom used to fear him and hence, worship him.  Hiranya Kashyapu had announced that only his Puja will take place in the kingdom. He stopped Yagya and Aahuti in his kingdom and started troubling all the devotees of God. Hiranya Kashyapu’s son Prahlad was a huge devotee of Lord Vishnu. In spite of his father telling him, he didn’t listen and continued worshipping Lord Vishnu. It is believed in India that whenever a sinner is born on earth, then God too comes on earth in some form or the other to punish him. God had taken birth in sinner Hiranya Kashyapu’s own house.

He wanted to kill his own son because he used to worship God. But if God protects man, then no one can kill him. Asur Raja’s sister was given a blanket by Lord Shankar and when she used to cover herself with that blanket, she could never be burnt. Holika covers herself from all sides with the blanket, takes Prahlad on her lap and sits in the fire.  Hiranya Kashyapu wanted his sister to sit in the fire with Prahlad so that his son is burnt to death. But good triumphs over evil when the blanket covers Prahlad instead of Holika, and she is burnt in the fire.


Pujan Vidhi and Shubh Muhurat (Puja Method and Auspicious Time/Moment)

There was a time when the entire Indian society used to gather for Holi Dahan, but now, it has become just a small tradition. Before Holi Dahan, Holika is worshipped.

This year, Holi Dahan is on 12th March, 2017, and the Holi festival will take place on 13th March and get over that day itself. The Holi Dahan Muhurat will last for 1 hour and 59 minutes. Holi Dahan Muhurat will begin in the evening at 23 minutes past 6 and will end at 23 minutes past 8 in the night.

For Holika Pujan, one needs Gangaajal, Cow Milk, Roli, Rice, Ghee ka Diya, Agarbatti, Small Cakes made from Cow Dung, and Suth ka Dhaaga to be burnt. Holika is firstly, brought to life with the Mantrochchar or chants and then Holika Pujan takes place. And finally, Holika is burnt in the fire while chanting the Mantras or Mantrochchar.

Today, Holika Pujan has become a show off. Holika Dahan can never take place without a proven Pandit’s Mantrochchar. So come, let’s follow the tradition and then carry out the proper procedure of Holika Pujan this Holi.

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