Know About Fourth House In Vedic Astrology And It’s Importance


In Vedic astrology the fourth house is known as the Bandhu Bhava, it is because this supports the success and prosperity of a person. The influence of the house can pull you to the peak of success. So, it has a great priority in the life of the progress of an individual, it is also known as the mother’s house.

What does the mother’s house decide?

When it comes to determining your roots in Vedic astrology, it helps in clarifying the progress. Not only progress but it also determines the happiness and peace that you will gather in your life. Real estates, property, bungalows along with occupancy are all decided by the mother’s house. You may find difficulty or obstacle in businesses of real estate or properties it is through the strength of the Bandhu Bhava.

How much peace will your life be? It is only the griha that determines the peace in your family. Peace and happiness in your family can be stable if you have a better position. If you will be earning money throughout life or you will also have a caring family. The effect of your ancestry, tradition, or the person will possess an empire.

Education influence by chaturth  griha or  house

The 4th house of Vedic astrology is the section of support that also focuses on education, stronger the influence the smoother will be the peak in studies which are related to your ambition or career.

Depending on the placement of the planets the good terms can be concluded. If Venus is placed in the 4th house than as a powerful planet it will increase the possession of cars, houses, and financial improvement.
Placement of the moon or influence of the mars will enable to purchase properties and respond too, for the different kinds of investments.

You will find that individuals are in good relationships with their parents and families. The effects are due to the moon that is present in the chart.

The bandhu bhava is responsible for these sections of an individual such as they are the possession of a house or “Graham”, “Vesam” which is known as home. Yes, concrete made structure or home; both are different in prospects of Vedic astrology. A home is considered as a place connected to the close ones, our family and sheltered structure house or bungalow in which the individual life may not find any family and love. When blessed with both; it can be assumed that the moon and Venus both are advantageous to the 4th house.


Happiness related to relatives, mother, learning all are considered by the planets to this house. Happiness and peace all are related to it. In the end, you may be wondering about the ruling sign. The ruling zodiac sign is cancer! If you want to know about the future development of education and property it is necessary to understand the behavior of the fourth house.

Consult an expert on Vedic astrology who can provide you the information about the conditions of the Chaturth or fourth house.

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