Know Mangalik or Kuja Dosha and its Remedies


A Mangalik person faces most heat when it comes to marriage. If one of you in under the influence of planet Mars, you fall prey to this dosha. Hitherto it is considered that the position of Mars 1,4,7,8,2 house instills negativity in one’s kundali. However, as per some other band of astrologers, Mars’s position in house 2 triggers Kuja dosha the most and 50% of the people are plagued with this dosha from birth. There also lurks a common misconception that marrying a mangalik person leads to one’s death, though there is no instance of such. It is said that bad position of other planets too prompt Mars to affect negatively. Furthermore, a strong planet occupying the 9th house rules out the possibility of Mangalik dosha instantaneously.





Some key features of Mangalik dosha:

  • Mangaliks are temperamental and easily angered due to the fiery effects of Mars. Impatience and aggression also are the major drawbacks.
  • This dosha is found in both men and women.
  • Mangalik people are mostly held in bad light due to their argumentative nature.
  • They are alwaysheld at the gun point if anything goes wrong in a marital alliance.
  • There also may be delayed marriage in their case
  • They say that the Magaliks must have been harsh to their partners in the previous birth so they are born as Mangaliks in the present one.

How to eliminate Mangalik dosha:

Need is you immediately show Mangalik dosha the door in order to enjoy a blissful married life. Here are the things you can do to curb Mangalik dosha:

Chanting Hanuman Chalisha is the well-known remedy for this dosha. Keep fast on every Tuesday of a new month when new moon rises for a consecutive 40 days period and chant Sunder Kand from Tulsi Ramacharitmanas. Reciting Gayatri mantra for 108 times a day straight may also help. Having said that, worshipping Hanuman seem to be more effective in the case. Go to Hanuman temple every Tuesday as you recite “Om Shreem Hanumate Namah”. Offer sweets, sindoor and ghee lamps to the god besides distributing red cloth to the iron workers. Also seek help from a professional astrologer for triangular Mangal yantra and Mangal stotra for offering prayer to Mangal.


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Other Mangalik dosha remedies:

Kumbha Vivah or Ghat Vivah is too a well-thought of remedy. There is a ritualistic marriage of the Mangalik person with Banana, banyan or the idol of Lord Vishnu is carried out. Thereafter, the Kumbha  or clay pot is broken and the Vishnu idol is immersed in water by the Mangalik person e

scaping the sight of others. As per the popular belief, the pot takes away all of the Mangalik dosha and submerging the Vishnu idol means letting the deity rest in Ksheer saagar. The Mangalik person now can go ahead and marry the person of his choice without a hitch in his mind.


Gem stones used to curb Mangalik dosha:

It is believed that wearing red coral embedded in golden ring also help. Pran pratishtha of the gem should be carried beforehand whatsoever.


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