How Saturn, the lord of Karma affects you left,right and centre?


Saturn is the undisputed lord of Karma. In the celestial configuration, Saturn stands out with its rage, judgment and hardliner effects. More often than not, one blows a fuse with Saturn as he re-incarnates with debt from his past sins and here come Saturn, making him repay the impending liability all right. There is a common saying; the life’s hardest times are the result of Saturn’s ill-effects. It is however the thumb-rule to accept things as they come and prove their mettle to find a way out. We tend to breakdown in hardest times, painful circumstances take a toll on our confidence but failure is the key to success. Saturn helps us, in however uncompromising manner, to rise the eighth time as well fall seven. It spruces up the inner urge to push our boundaries, do some soul search and widen our grip over horizon of possibilities. We thus learn to strike gold from every opportune moment and achieve wisdom. Saturn has a deceptive look, while his planetary rings suggest limitation; it frees or detaches us from the worldly attachments and redeem ourselves.



Saturn’s relationship with astrology:

The astrology describes Saturn as a serpent whose head is Rahu and tail is Ketu. If Ketu advances to the earlier houses of Saturn, it leaves positive effect on the native’s birth chart. The otherwise renders toxic results on the same whatsoever. Furthermore, Saturn never gives obnoxious effects if it advances the house of Jupiter such as two, five, nine or twelve. Jupiter, on the contrary gives negative results if it occupies the houses of Saturn.


How Saturn affects our lives:

However hard-hitting it may seem, you should not think Saturn’s effects are always bad. The person, who follows a spiritual path, is under the benevolence of Saturn. He has his own means of transforming your life and to put you in a spiritual path if you have lost track. If you are dispassionate, he will make your ego bite dust and subject you to atonement. You thereby learn to practice compassion and find mental peace for yourself.

You are born with inner-wealth. If you are caught with the outer wealth, he will attach you with the inner-wealth. And of course, you will have all the worldly privileges if you know your inner-wealth. A Saturn period comes twice in one’s life that is once in thirty years. If you are passing through this period, rope-in a well-erudite astrologer to help you deal with the situation. You can however, resort to meditation and beseech divine intervention to reinforce the mental equilibrium. Satsang, meditation and devotion are the remedial reassures to attain divine empathy.


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