The Characteristic Traits Of Number 1 People According To Numerology

traits of number 1 people

traits of number 1 people – In Numerology, each of the numbers is assigned with different personality traits.

These numbers play a part in building your character. Our personality is incidental to the characteristic traits that the birthday number resonates with. In that regard, being number 1 comes with a lot of responsibilities. After all, number one springs an image of a leader who isn’t a shoe-in for monotonous life and prefers to stand out.

The person born under number 1 is replete with the leadership qualities and to tell you, it was pre-meditated by the Gods. Their personality is not a shadow of the accumulated experiences as a matter of fact. People who are born in 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of a month are ruled by number 1.

Will here under shed light on the personality traits of number 1 people according to numerology. Read on below:

Know about the varied and distinguished personality traits of number 1 people:

Traits of number 1 people – 

  • People who are governed by number 1 will never take orders from anyone. There is even not a remote possibility that they will tolerate an abusive boss or mom-in-law. They will have their own business or make it to the designation of CEO or directors in their professional field.
  • There people are ruled by Sun so have a short temper. They have tiger-like eyes and determination. They resemble their fathers most by the physical appearance and yes, they are mostly born during the evening hours.
  • They are loyal towards their work and will have a stickler for perfection. They won’t like bending rules and you can definitely rely on a number 1 person in your profession.
  • They are mostly loyal partners and like to pamper the lover with most expensive gifts. All you have to do is gain their trust and they will give you enough reasons to love them. But marrying them will be similar to a roller coaster ride so brace for it.
  • As Sun rules their eyes and heart and abdomen, they will have a pretty daunting hair fall problem. The only way to keep the hair fall and heart diseases at bay is to practise yoga on a regular basis.
  • Difficulties? Bring it on! They will confront their miseries head on. They are born geniuses before whom the difficulties lose coherence. Number 1 born are mostly creative and generous people who know their camp and breeze through difficulties sooner than later.
  • People born under number 1 have good organising qualities so you can trust them with arranging a big event and they won’t fail your trust.

These are the traits of number 1 people – There are people who left their mark in society and are beyond judgement, belong to the number 1 club. To name a few, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachhan, Sunil Gavaskar, Hrithik Roshan. Be sure, you can’t beat a number 1 person for leadership qualities so stay put.

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