Why And How Shani Jayanti Is Widely Celebrated In India?

Shani Jayanti

It is the birthday of mighty Lord Saturn that is widely celebrated as Shani Jayanti in India.

If the Shani Jayanti falls in New Moon combined with Jupiter posited in the constellation of Sun, the effects increase manifolds.

Furthermore, it is more effective when the same falls in Saturday, the day of Lord Shani. The women intending to appease the god progress, observes a fast in the day which is staunchly called Vat Savitri Vrata. Saturn is the eradicator of laziness, suffering and hindrances in your path of redemption. Saturn is the teacher or the fair judge of things, often misunderstood as evil.

If Shani is adversely posited in one’s Kundali, he is embroiled in struggles and stresses all through his life. The Shani Puja is observed ceremoniously to pacify the God.

How to offer your heartfelt devotion to God?

To appease the utmost disciplinarian Shanidev one has wake up early in the morning. Thereafter he should take a wooden bench cloak it with a shred of black cloth. Then install the photo of Shanidev or a supari on a pedestal and light ghee and oil lamps in front of it. There should be water, milk, panchamrut, Attar and fried foods. Perform the puja with Gulal, Sindoor, Kumkum and Kajal. Offer black or blue color to the deity to invoke his attention. There has to be seasonal fruit offered along with coconut. Chant the under mentioned mantra while doing the Japa:

“Om Pram Pri Prom Sah Shanaye Namah”

What are the rites that are performed during Shani Jayanti?

Apart from regular Saturday pujas, during this day Havans and Yagnas are performed. Both Navagraha temples are Shani temples qualify to hold this ceremony. The idol of Shanidev is adorned with Navratna haar or the necklace studded with nine precious gems. Shani stotra or Shani Path is carried out throughout the day there after. Black clothes, black sesame seeds are offered by devotees besides bathing Shanidev with mustard oil.

Besides, if anyone recites the Maha mrityunjay Jap during Shani Jayanti, its effects escalates. Chanting Shani Navakshari Mantra also brings you a breather from bad luck in future.

Important time table for Shani Jayanti in the year 2017:

  • 25th May, 2017, 05:46 AM- Sunrise
  • 25th May, 2017, 19:01 PM- Sunset
  • 25th May, 2017, 05:08 AM- Beginning of Amavasya Tithi
  • 26th May, 2017, 01:14 AM- Ending of Amavasya Tithi
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