Seduce different zodiac signs

How Can You Seduce Different Zodiac Signs?

Seduce different zodiac signs – One can’t parade rules when it comes to flirting as not all of them have stomach for it. Flirting is a far-fetched method to shoo away your gloom and manifesting the self-love again. Healthy flirting is always therapeutic when you are feeling hollow, down or depressed. Now different zodiac signs have their different ways of responding to the flirt or making advances. While the minds of the signs like Libra, Scorpio, Aries, Gemini, Pisces are conditioned [...]

Auspicious muhurtas of starting a journey

What Are The Auspicious Muhurtas Of Starting A Journey

Auspicious muhurtas of starting a journey – Muhurtas are the units of measuring time as per the Hindu calender. Ever since then, the collective measures have been used in full throttle to attract luck. People travel to places for work or other purposes. Some religious lot of them are ardent followers of the auspiciousness of the time they start their journey under the belief that it will bring them good luck. As per the Hindu religious norms starting a journey in [...]

Sexually compatible zodiac signs

Which Zodiac Signs Are Sexually Compatible The Most?

Sexually compatible zodiac signs – There are people who shy away from making commitments amid the fear of having to abandon the life of freewheeling. There lurks another concern why people would not spell serious commitment that is the sexual compatibility. In the zodiac family, there are a few signs that are fearsomely passionate and quite unforgiving when their partners lack the same level of sensuality. Take for instance, an Aries man is beaten by the sex bug, so much [...]

meaning of Swastika

What Is The Significance Of Swastika Symbol And Why Is It So Powerful?

Meaning of Swastika – Swastika has a rather bloodstained history, one of the most hated men of Earth, Adolf Hitler made the symbol represent the slaughter of millions of people so no wonder Swastika is always in the crosshairs. But his was not the only epidemic use of Swastika, there have been many other likely cases Swastika represented many things. But then again, nothing could revoke the power Swastika stands for. As per the ancient Hindu belief, Swastika incinerates all evil and [...]

Personality according to zodiac sign

Two Words That Describe Your Personality According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Personality according to zodiac sign – “Describe your personality in one word” – Yes, that’s the question many people ask when they want to know you. In your LIFE, you must’ve experienced that many people; instead of asking “describe yourself”, they’ll ask “describe your personality in just one word or two words.” Now, has it ever been difficult for you to describe yourself in just two words? Do you always keep thinking and then ends up saying nothing? If yes, [...]

Aries man

How To Keep An Aries Man Interested?

Are you making amorous advances towards an Aries man? Know already that he is a fireband and as nourishing as cyanide. Your relationship with an Aries man will never be the bed of roses and you will have to work your intellectual bent of mind a lot to pin his interest. Aries people are easily bored and have a wandering eye which some people can label as a vice but it’s the attitudinal characteristic about them that keeps the opposite [...]

best assets as per zodiac sign

What Are Your Best Assets As Per Your Zodiac Sign?

Best assets as per zodiac sign – Each zodiac sign has a special visual promise, something that distinguishes them from others. We are all gods’ children and our looks are nothing but manifestation of his envision. In this time and era, when people are borderline obsessed about how their pictures look in the social media profiles, here are some special features about different zodiac signs that make them, THEM! In the inner most chambers of heart, we all want to be [...]

Sex during Navratri

Is Doing Sex During Navratri Approved?

Sex during Navratri – There are puritanical dogmatisms about sex in our society. When we are gasping for air to flee the clutches of the same, there is a ray of hope in the ancient Hindu scriptures. Sex was the primordial requisite of human existence ever since the civilization evolved. Take for instance, we always made to believe that communion between two love-borne bodies is communion with God. Sex, is but a formative force to build a relationship and when [...]

Thing that annoys

One Thing That Annoys You the Most, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Thing that annoys – We have to admit, that there are certain things in LIFE that annoy us the most. We really wish that some things that people do should stop annoying us, so that we can live our LIFE happily and most importantly, peacefully, right? Well, I know the thing that annoys me, thanks to my zodiac sign. Here I’ve listed one thing that annoys you most, based on your zodiac sign. ARIES As you know that Aries are adventurous and [...]

Scorpion woman

How To Attract A Scorpio Woman?

Scorpion woman – The DNA of a Scorpio woman is woven with mysteries. Scorpion woman likes to unravel mysteries and a relationship is nothing short of an adventure mission for her. A Scorpion woman has her distinct mojo and likes challenges from her partner. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that winning her is like cutting mustard. But if she commits to you, she will never vacate your side until you are faithful to her. But then a Scorpion woman [...]